Service Coordinator (Elderly Facility)

Company Name:
National Church Residences
The Service Coordinator (SC) works to empower residents to be as self-sufficient as possible. The SC works in conjunction with the property manager. They maintain a mutually respectful collaborative relationship.
Provides general service management including intake, education (services available and application procedures) and referral of residents to service providers in the general community. These social services may include:
- counseling - Meals-on-Wheels
- financial assistance - other needed services
- home health aides - preventive health screening
- homemakers - transportation
Develop a Resource Directory that includes a listing of state and/or local service providers that residents can contact for assistance. Examples include services to families, children, individuals who are elderly, persons with disabilities, and emergency assistance. Frequently, state and local governments can also provide a listing of non-profit agencies they contract for services.
Sponsor educational events that can include subjects relating to health care, agency support, life skills, referral sources, and others.
Facilitate the formation of resident associations within the property if the residents are interested. The formation of these groups assist the residents in planning social events, organizing activities, and discussing daily life issues.
Monitor the ongoing provision of services from community agencies and keep the case management plan current with the progress of the individual. Manage the provision of supportive services where appropriate.
Serve as a liaison to community agencies, network with community providers, and seek out new services available to the residents.
Assist the residents in building informal support networks with other residents, family, and friends.
1. A bachelor's degree in social work or a related field is preferred, but not required.
2. Two to three years experience in social service delivery with elderly and/or family populations
3. Demonstrated working knowledge of supportive services and other resources in the area served by the
4. Demonstrated ability to advocate, organize, problem-solve, and provide results for the residents served
Date: 2014-09-16
Country: US
State: GA
City: Union City
Postal Code: 30291
Category: Service Coordination

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